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UNIC Bogotá and Secretary of Education launch SIMONU 2018

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In 2018, the UN simulation model opens doors to participants from other countries in Latin America

Bogota, 26 February 2018 – With an opening ceremony held at the auditorium of the Gimnasio Moderno (a private all-male traditional and liberal, primary and secondary school), UNIC Bogota and the district’s Secretariat of Education today launched the 6th Edition of SIMONU; a one-of-its-kind UN simulation model intended for activities to be developed within schools and educational institutions (with)in the capital city.

Founded and sponsored by UNIC Bogotá and the District’s Secretariat of Education, SIMONU Bogotá is, today, the
second largest UN simulation exercise in the world. The 2018 edition of SIMONU seeks to introduce important innovations, both in the implementation of the model, as well as in terms of the prospective involvement of teachers
and students and delegations from other countries in the region, including Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela, among others.

In order to ensure connectivity amongst Latin American participants, the Education Secretariat and UNIC Bogota will work together in the design and implementation of an interactive platform, which will facilitate interschool learning and exchanges with various groups of students from neighboring countries demanding inclusion in this model of global dialogue.

“We see SIMONU as an exchange and discussion forum, which must hold its primary function of promoting a culture of peace, as well as peaceful resolution of conflicts and negotiation. This entails the search for consensus with the inherent principle of non-violence,” said UNIC Bogota Director, Ms. Hélène Papper, in the framework of the inaugural event.

Another innovation presented by this year’s SIMONU consists in the implementation of rural simulations and 16 camp modules leading to the development of youth leadership skills and knowledge + capacity-building in environmental education. SIMONU 2018 will also sustain the participation of so-called primary school apprentices, along with the development of theme-specific committees in English.

“At the heart of SIMONU is the need to develop critical thinking skills with a global perspective. Simulation activities are meant to consolidate schools and educational institutions as key promoters of dialogue and knowledge exchange, with a fundamental aim to look into social and human development,” said Ms. Papper.

“We will no longer be speaking of SIMONU solely as the UN model applied in Bogota, or as the second largest UN simulation model worldwide, but we will rather refer to it as the initiative which provided us with the opportunity to meet young people and students from other parts of Latin America, who are to share different realities and perspectives on the current state of the globe and our region”, added Maria Victoria Angulo, Bogota’s Secretary of Education, as she applauded the model’s forthcoming internationalization.
Throughout 2018, SIMONU will advance with two large-scale simulations and the launch of its first rural model, to be held in August. This will engage educational institutions of the district’s peri-urban areas, where 25 commissions are expected to address environmental issues, water preservation, rural-urban mobility and migration, and education, among others. This year’s SIMONU will involve 225 educational institutions, as well as over two thousand secondary education students, in addition to teachers, school principals and directors.


SIMONU is the result of an alliance between UNIC Bogotá, the Bogota Mayor’s Office and the District’s Education Secretariat. It is a platform that seeks to forge a shared vision between students, teaching staff and the schooling community for the consolidation of sustainable processes of citizenship and coexistence.
This initiative recognizes the need to develop learning strategies which seek to ensure the full exercise of active, democratic, responsible and supportive citizenship among members of the community, with schools as entry points for socialization.

Inspired by real-life UN debates within the UN General Assembly, the Security Council and the Economic and Social Council, SIMONU replicates dynamics of deliberation and formulates training initiatives for young people as Agents of Change. For students and committees meeting within classrooms and educational institutions, this implies the promotion of issues of global significance, transcending individual interests and positions, and generating critical consensus around the priority themes of Sustainable Development.

At the heart of the overall SIMONU effort lies the need to involve young people in debates, which allow for the articulation of interests and opinions, in the analysis of the global context, and with particular attention to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) and Agenda 2030.


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